2012 Cleveland Asian Festival – Year of the Dragon

Cleveland Asian Festival


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Lunar New Year Celebrataions around Northeast Ohio

Come celebrate Lunar New Year starting on Jan 21, 2012! Click on this for a list of different Year of the Dragon celebrations around Northeast Ohio!


2012 is THE Year of the Dragon with Cleveland Asian Festival!

2012 Designed by Allison Lukacsy

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, which begins from January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013. In ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and power. Today, it is the ultimate auspicious symbol of power, prosperity and good fortune. Bringing good luck, good fortune, and master of authority to those throughout the year – the beginning of a great success in this economy. Cleveland Asian Festival is now in its 3rd year, and we will celebrate Asian Pacific Americans Heritage Month and Year of the Dragon with a big bang. Your support and participation will foster relationship building with the many ethnic groups involved while seizing the opportunity to introduce your brand to festival attendees. The Cleveland Asian Festival is all about North East Ohio’s Asian Culture, however, it is not exclusively Asian. It is organized and operated by volunteers from the community at large with ethnic diversity encompassing virtually all races and nationality. This makes the festival unique among ethnic festivals. It is successful as well, winning numerous awards for its branding and marketing strategies. Within two years, the Cleveland Asian Festival went from 10,000 participants in a one-day event to 31,060 participants over a two-day event in year two. Social Media Branding and Marketing along with Sampson/Carnegie’s Dynamic Multicultural Branding strategies played a big role in achieving this goal. The Cleveland Asian Festival has positioned as an “authority” of the Asian Cultural Voice, and supporters, like you, showed us that there is a market readily to be explored. And this is just the beginning of a wonderful relationship building for you and the festival goers. To further develop a long term brand strategy in Northeast Ohio, you may want to consider implementing our Dynamic Multicultural Branding strategies, which has demonstrated increased success with sustainability and accountability results. Year of the Dragon is a big year. We believe it will bring great success and participation as we are projecting that over 50,000 people will attend the 2012 Cleveland Asian Festival. As a whole, the steering committee members, the volunteers, the performing organizations, sponsors and donors all believe this number is achievable. So now it is your turn! Get yourself or your business involved with the 2012 Cleveland Asian Festival! Do not miss out the opportunity and a bright part of the Cleveland’s future. The 2012 Cleveland Asian Festival website http://www.clevelandasianfestival.org has all the information you will need! Be a sponsor; Be a vendor; Advertise in our program guide; Participate as a volunteer or Sign up as a group to perform on one of our stages… Your involvement is the first step to bridge cultural differences between East and West!

Social Media Marketing is important
In the era of social media, marketing and branding must become engaging. 66% of adults within the United States are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for a variety of purposes like interacting with families and friends or discussing their hobbies and likes. The most actively engaged of all social media users are individuals who are from diverse ethnic groups. Creating a social media strategy that is culturally sensitive while being engaging is fundamental in any marketing campaign.
Dynamic Multicultural Branding
Expertise in understanding diverse cultural essence is the key to making your brand relevant to ethnic communities here in this city. The sound of the name of a product, the colors used in a brand and how ad copy plays within the message will be the difference between success and failure when doing a dynamic multicultural branding initiative seeking to gain market share within these ethnic communities.


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