The Cleveland Asian Festival, a 100% all volunteer based organization joint together by stakeholders and residents of the AsiaTown Neighborhood (within Ward 7), is an annual celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage month in May, the weekend before Memorial Weekend in Cleveland’s AsiaTown neighborhood.The Cleveland Asian Festival is a landmark undertaking to unite the community through collaboration and recognition of its culture, diversity, and people. It’s a free event open to all and made possible by the volunteerism and participation of many diverse communities including: Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai, Karen, Hmong, Bhutanese and many others.


  • Strengthening the identity of AsiaTown and supporting its economic growth
  • Educating and promoting Asian culture and traditions
  • Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
  • Uniting Cleveland’s Asian Community

No parking on East 30th or East 27th street.
We have FREE parking at CSU’s Parking lot (East 24th and Payne Avenue)

The Festival has reached it’s 7th year in 2016. It is the fastest growing festival in Ohio.


2010 – 10,000 attendees (under $1 million spent)

2011 – 31,060 attendees (over $1 million spent)

2012 – 42,240 attendees (over $2.5 million spent)

2013 – 38,380 attendees (over $2 million spent)

2014 – 38,000 attendees (over $2 million spent)

2015 – 45,000 attendees (over $3 million spent)

Check out this year’s Program Booklet!

80-Page Full Color 2015 CAF Program Booklet is available for download