Join in the fun and challenge a friend at (Inflatable) Sumo Wrestling at the 2018 Cleveland Asian Festival!

Rules are simple:

– One of the two wrestlers loses when he/she is forced out of the wrestling ring OR if anything other than the soles of his/her feet touch the playing surface. Winner of 2 out of 3 matches wins the game.

– Wrestlers wear only a thick belt which can be grasped by the opponent and used to lever the wearer out of the ring.

– There are no weight restrictions. One wrestler may find himself/herself up against someone many times his/her size.

– The following moves are Legal: Pushing, pulling, lifting, having fun, laughing at your opponent

– The following moves are Illegal: Clutching, grabbing, choking, hitting with a closed fist, stepping out of the way of a charging wrestler

Note:  Minimum height requirement to fit in the inflatable suits.